Why Train Your Dog?

Why Train Your Dog?

There are many reasons for you to train your dog. It is a pleasure to own a well behaved dog and training can help with this.  A well trained dog is often a calm and relaxed dog.

At  Paws in Progress Dog Training we offer dog training classes in the Lutterworth area for beginner and more advanced dogs as well as puppy training and one to one training in your own home.

Our classes are different from many others.

  • Our classes are small and we try to limit them to 4-5 dogs.  This means that no dog is overwhelmed by the class environment.
  • It also means we have time to deal with any training issues you may have individually.
  • We treat each dog as an individual and tailor the training to their needs
  • Classes are informal and fun for both owner and dog.
  • Qualified and experienced instructor, full member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers

We run dog training classes near Lutterworth at Walcote and Cotesbach.  Convenient for Market Harborough, Brought Astley  or Rugby.

We have recently started some classes at Peatling Parva which is convenient for areas such as Countesthorpe..

If you struggle to get to a class or if you have specific issues you would like to work on then you might like to consider one to one training sessions.

Kind Fair and Effective Training Methods

All training is based on rewarding your dog for good behaviour.  At the same time it is important to set up the environment so that your dog can get it right.

All training methods are all kind, fair and effective, in keeping with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) guidelines.

More details of which can be found http://www.apdt.co.uk/

Why Reward Based Methods Work

Dogs repeat things they find rewarding.  It is important that we reward dogs for good behaviour and if possible ignore bad behaviour while we are training our dogs.

Where bad behaviour cannot be ignored alternative and incompatible behaviours can be trained.

I work with owners to help them to solve their dogs problems and understand their dogs language so they can recognise what their own dog is saying to them.

One to One Dog Training £35 for an hours session
£90 for 3 hour sessions if booked at once
These sessions cover what you need to get your dog back on track

Dog training classes are held at Walcote near Lutterworth on Friday evenings (Beginner and puppy classes)  and Cotesbach (Beginner, puppy and scent classes) between Lutterworth and Rugby on Tuesday evenings.