Anne has been very patient, thoughtful and given us lots of space to understand our dog (Milo’s behaviour). She is generous with her time and offers some really sound theories about Milo’s behaviour as well as showing us how to manage these  and supporting us with ideas on how to help him. We really appreciate Anne’s non critical approach and just how helpful some of her suggestions have been. Although we have a long way to go in terms of working on some of Milo’s (or our) behaviours, some of her advice is already making a difference.  We also really enjoy the group sessions and her patience and humour.
If you need someone to take the time to understand your dog and you, Anne’s well worth approaching.
Jo, Kieran and Milo. September 2016

Dear Anne, We just wanted to write to thank you for all your help with Bella. She used to lunge at other dogs and bark loudly – taking her out was very stressful. However, with your excellent help her behaviour has improved immeasurably without in any way quashing her lovely individual personality. She is now a very happy dog and we feel able to take her anywhere. Thank you Anne. Monica and Peter (and Bella!)  July 2016


Thank you so much for all of your assistance with Moo. I can not believe the progress we made in 3 sessions, it’s definitely the best money I have ever spent! She is so much calmer these days.We now do shorter walks in the town every evening. Started off doing it later on at night but can now go out when it is light and slightly busier. Last week we invested in a double ended lead and that has also shown even more improvement with the walking. She is still not ready to be introduced to other dogs yet but as you said, it will take time. We saw 7 dogs the other day and she only barked once. Amazing progress! Her improvement is so fantastic that my family have actually questioned if she is the same dog. She now loves to walk to the pub with my dad on occasion and behaves impeccably while there. You only have to say the word ‘pub’ and she is at the front door!Thank you once again, without your help I would still be being dragged up the street and trying to cope with unnecessary barking. You really are ‘The Dog Whisperer’Roz and Moo April 2016

We have been coming to the classes for a while and can really see the progress Solo is making.  Her confidence and awareness has increased and I truly believe it has made the bond between us even stronger.  She looks forward to the classes, as do we.  I would recommend Anne to anyone that wants to nurture the relationship between themselves and their dog, whether that be at an obedience class or on a 1-2-1 basis   Dean & Solo Jan 2016

Elsie and I loved the puppy classes with Paws in Progress, we both learnt so much with lots of extra tips if we were struggling with any particular task. We also had time for the puppies to socialise in a controlled environment. Anne truly knows her stuff, I would definitely recommend these classes. Jo and Elsie December 2015

I initially consulted Anne when Tess, my Golden Retriever, was 7 months old. She was very anxious and I had problems with her destructive behaviour and inappropriate chewing.
Initially we set two goals:-
1) To reduce Tess’s general anxiety
2) To teach Tess to amuse herself with toys
We started to reduce Tess’s anxiety by recognising her body language. 
We also decided to teach Tess some games so that she had more mental stimulation. These were designed to make her more relaxed and for her to be less inclined to be destructive. 
I was shown how to use Kong toys and was given a wide variety of food fillings to use. I was also advised to rotate Tess’s toys so that she didn’t become bored.
Anne was extremely patient and always listened carefully to everything I said. Nothing was too much trouble for her.
We have had great success with Tess.She is now far less anxious and far less destructive.
Helen & Tess July 2015

Anne has really opened our eyes to the body language of our 2 year old Welsh Terrier, and that some of his behavioural quirks are because he’s not the confident chap that we’ve always thought he is. Learning how to read the signs makes combining Anne’s training techniques with some common sense, so much more intuitive.
Nick & Elvis January 2015


We were looking for a one-on-one trainer for our two 6 year old rescue Beagles, Daisy and Bob, and were recommended to speak to Anne Tucker.  As with some rescue (and non-rescue) dogs we were having issues with them barking and lunging at other dogs whilst on lead.  Not knowing the full history of either dog we needed some help to analyse and hopefully resolve these issues.  Anne has proved to be very professional, kind and helpful over the four weekly sessions, not only explaining their body language and issues so we can more easily pick up on them but also using a number of different training techniques to enable us to help the dogs build self-control and resilience in difficult situations.  With a fair amount of work we are now beginning to see real progress with both dogs and over the next few months we will continue to use the techniques Anne has taught us.  It’s not a short-term fix and requires a lot of effort but we are now confident we’re on the correct path thanks to Anne.  The dogs seem a lot happier in themselves and they especially like the extra training treats !
We will hopefully be taking Daisy and Bob to her training classes in January next year and I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of a personal dog trainer to contact Anne – she has helped us greatly with what was a major behavioural issue and for that we are very grateful
Nick, Daisy and Bob November 2014

We booked a course of 1:1 lessons to help with Dexter as we couldn’t pass another dog on the lead without him barking uncontrollably.  He is a 3 yr old rescue dalmatian, so we don’t know his history.  We made great progress in our lessons,  learning how to keep his attention when we meet other dogs.  We have recently attended a further class with other dogs and all is going very well.
Thanks for your help.
Kath, Lloyd & Dexter  May 2014

Lenny had problems with his housetraining and at over 12 months old I thought it would never end leaving me no choice other than keeping him downstairs, now he only has an occasional accident which gives him more freedom around the house. He also had big issues with separation, now Lenny is more relaxed and can now be left for a short time on his own when left occupied with toys, or able to be let into other rooms around the house to be with us, both make life much more enjoyable and easier.

Pippa and Lenny April 2014

We used Paws in Progress initially with a one to one session and then attended puppy training classes shortly after Dotty, a boxer puppy, joined our family. This was our first dog and there was a huge learning curve. Our initial one to one session with Anne was invaluable. She helped us to understand how our puppy was thinking and why she was reacting to situations in the way she was. Once we could see that Dotty was anxious (very excited but anxious!), it changed the way in which we responded to her and she really settled. The classes were lovely and small so we received lots of individual advice from Anne. We were able to take our three children aged 13,11 & 5 who were actively involved in the class with Dotty and the other dogs present in a safe, encouraging and informal atmosphere. Simon, Emma  and Dotty January 2014

I can’t believe  that only a couple of months ago my 14 month  old  Labrador  was an uncontrollable   naughty  teenager.   i  used  to dread taking him out, but after only one session  Anne  gave  me such great advice that he was a changed dog from then.  It is now a pleasure  to take  him out and he is wonderful with the grandchildren .   i would  recommend  anyone  with a dog  to go to her 6 week courses  she treats every dog as an individual  thankyou Anne .
Jenny  and Bailey  September 2013