New Puppy Playgroup at Peatling Parva

When your puppy is young they need to have as many good experiences with a wide variety of people, animals and different situations as possible.

We are offering puppy playgroup sessions at Peatling Parva starting on 11th April.  These sessions cost £8.00 for a 45 minute session but they are FREE if you sign up to our puppy class on Friday evenings at Walcote.

We are offering puppy parties at Peatling Parva on a Thursday evening at 5.45 starting after Easter.

During these sessions your puppy will be exposed to new things.  We will show you how to introduce your puppy to something if he is not sure.  We will have a variety of games to play with your puppy and we can show you how to do puppy massage.

These session will be aimed at showing you how to have a good time with your puppy rather than structured training, but there will be 2 qualified trainers on hand to answer your questions.

Puppy class alfie in the ball pit

Cost is £8/puppy for 45 minute session

All puppies need to be vaccinated and under the age of 22 weeks.

Our puppy class starting on 13th April is now full but we are taking bookings for the next intake on 27th April.

Ring Anne on 07951 686 694 for more details

or see our web-site at