We have moved on line

During the current crisis we have moved our training on line.

We are holding puppy classes at 5.30 on a Friday evening using Zoom.

*** These classes are absolutely free. ***

The main aim of the classes is to teach puppy basics and answer any questions you may have about your puppy.

Please contact Anne at pawsinprogress@gmail.com if you would like an invitation.

One to one training/Behaviour Consultations

One to One Training

I am also able to do these on line. One to one training costs £10 for a 30min session and is useful for problems such as your dog not coming back to you, loose lead walking problems.

Behaviour Consultation

For more serious issues such as aggression or separation anxiety then a full behaviour consultation is recommended. I will need a referral from your vet for this (it can just involve a telephone call to your vet).

The general format for behaviour consultations can be found from the link http://www.pawsinprogress.co.uk/pet-behaviour-problems/

Puppy Class

We have a new puppy class starting at Peatling Parva on 27th June. The class will start at 6.30.

All of our classes are small with a maximum of 5 puppies.

Classes are run by qualified APDT trainers and are run according to their guidelines.

Contact Anne on 07951 686 694 for more details.

Scentwork Dates

Wednesday drop in classes are starting this week (13th Feb) at Walcote. The beginners class starts at 6pm and the advanced at 7.30.

We have also provisionally arranged trial dates for Sunday 30th June and 4th August. I have not yet decided on the levels but the June trial is likely to be a level 1.

Dates for future classes are: 13/03, 10/04, 08/06 (may be a mock trial), 12/06, 10/07m 14/08, 11/09, 09/10, 13/11

Class Timetable

Puppy Classes

We are now booking for classes starting on 7th March at Peatling Parva or 8th March at Walcote.

Our puppy classes are small, so that each puppy can have individual attention.

Book now to secure a place.

Elsa is demonstrating leaving food in a bowl

Puppy Classes at Peatling Parva

Our next session of puppy classes will start on 8th November at Peatling Parva.  The class starts at 5.30 and will be limited to 4 puppies at the most.

The first few months is a very formative time for a puppy and we see a lot of changes physically as the puppy grows.  What is not so obvious are changes that happen in the brain during this time.

This is why a good puppy class is essential.

Oscar playing the muffin tin game

Our puppy class addresses both basic training and socialisation.  Because our classes are small we have time to answer your questions and work with each puppy as an individual.  We also show you how you can use your training in every day situations.

Contact Anne on 07951 686 694. to book a place.


Paws In Progress Dog Training at Lutterworth Dog Fest

We have a stall at the Lutterworth Dog Fest on Sunday.  If you are in the area do drop by and see us.

We will have information regarding our dog training classes in  the Lutterworth area, including puppy and beginner classes.

We also have some ‘have a go’ games, so you can see how your dog gets on with some brain games and scentwork.

We look forward to seeing you there.

New Puppy Parties at Peatling Parva

Do you want a safe place to socialise your puppy and also meet up with other like minded people?

We are offering puppy parties at Peatling Parva on a Thursday evening at 5.45 starting after Easter.

These are more opportunities for your puppy to socialise and have new experiences in a safe, structured environment.

There will be experienced trainers on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Cost is £8/puppy for 45 minute session

All puppies need to be vaccinated and under the age of 16 weeks.

We also have some vacancies for puppy classes starting on 13th April at Walcote on a Friday evening.
Ring Anne on 07951 686 694 for more details

Next puppy class February 23rd

Our next puppy class is February 23rd.

If you are looking for training for your new puppy then our next course starts this Friday on 23rd February.

Our classes are all small, so that all puppies have individual attention and are not overwhelmed in the class.

To see some of the things we do in our puppy class follow the link here here

Contact Anne on 07951 686 694 for more details.

Introduction to Scentwork – 14th February

We are holding an introduction to scentwork at Walcote Memorial Hall on 14th February.

Scentwork is a form of dog training that is often very rewarding for dogs.  With ScentworkUK you and your dog can progress through different levels.

We will learn the basics of scentwork, we will teach your dog to use his nose and then look for a specific scent.

This is excellent mental stimulation for most dogs and results in a calm, tired dog.  So why not give it a go?

The training class starts at 7.00pm,