Dog Training Classes

At Paws In Progress we aim to make our dog training classes a bit different from many others.

Our classes are small (usually 4-5 dogs)

  • This means we have time for each dog and are able to help you to teach yourdog in the way you want to
  • The classes are calm and quiet to give dogs the best environment to help them learn.
  • Dogs are working throughout the whole class.  There is no waiting for your turn.
  • Our training is aimed at training for real life situations.

Puppy Training

Puppy training lays the foundations for a calm, well balanced dog, and finding a good puppy class is important.  This is one of the most important times in your dogs life.  His brain is maturing rapidly and his personality is developing.

Our puppy classes are small.  We aim to limit our puppy classes to only 4-5 puppies.  This allows us to tailor the training to each individual puppy..

At the end of the 6 week training sessions we aim to hav ecompleted the APDT puppy award.

The small training classes allow us to  provide a calm, safe environment for your puppy.  This is the best environment to allow your puppy to learn.  Puppies find it difficult to learn in a stressful environment.

Puppy classes are held on

  • Friday evenings at 5.15 pm  at Walcote Village Hall, between Lutterworth and Market Harborough.
  • Tuesday eveningat at 5.30pm at Cotesbach Village Hall, between Lutterworth and Rugby

Puppies must be  fully vaccinated.

The puppy training classes cost £66 for 6 sessions.

APDT Beginner / Foundation Award

Beginners dog training classes are held on

  •  Friday evenings at 7.15 at Walcote Village Hall,
  • Tuesday eveningat at 6.30 at Cotesbach Village Hall

These classes are aimed at  dogs with little or no previous training. These classes are ideal for older puppies or rescue dogs.

Again classes are small with usually of 4 or 5 dogs per class.

This class builds on the foundation skills taught in the puppy training classes and works towards the APDT Good Companion beginners or foundation award.  These awards are geared to training your dog for ‘real life’ situations, and involve exercises such as control at a doorway and calm behaviour in a group.

Advanced Class

The advanced class is for dogs with previous training and is by invitation only.

This is a challenging dog training class which aims to train dogs for real life situations and includes exercises such as leaving dogs in a stay while owners hold a conversation and calling your dog away from distractions

. Dogs in this class are working towards the higher level APDT Good Companion awards, and some excercises are off lead.

All classes cost is £66 for 6 sessions.

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