Scentwork for Dogs

Most dogs have a very powerful urge to use their nose. If we don’t use this as part of our training then it can become a distraction.

Dogs have a very powerful sense of smell, their nose is vastly superior to ours.  While we have around 5 million scent receptors dogs can have up to 300 million.

Scentwork can be very rewarding for dogs.  Not only does it help to develop a stronger bond between dog and owner but it can also help to improve the confidence of shy dogs and provide mental stimulation for older dogs.

Scentwork UK aim to promote scentwork as a new sport for dogs.

They run various trials throught the country based on detection style scentwork.

The dogs will initially be trained to search four different areas.  They will learn to search boxes and luggage, tables and chairs as in an office, an external search of a car and a search in an outside area.

We will be holding classes at Cotesbach village hall, between Lutterworth and Rugby on a Tuesday evening from 7.30 – 9.00pm.

We also hold some Wednesday workshops at Walcote near Lutterworth once a month.

Classes will be held every other week and cost for 5 sessions is £65.

Classes are suitable for all breeds of dogs and all ages, although some basic training may be useful.

  • Charlie searching boxes

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