Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience is the Kennel Club’s latest sport in dog training.

Rally Obedience consists of the handler and dog following a course made up of signs and performing the behaviour listed on the sign.

Most signs are on the handlers right, there are some exceptions such as turns and pivots which may be in the handlers path and serpentine and fig. 8 which are on the handlers left.

The dog must be in the heel position, this is not as formal in Rally as in traditional obedience. The dog does not need to be in a close heel position, but the handler must be able to reach out and touch the dog and the position must be consistent throughout the course.

At level one the course must be performed on a loose lead there will be penalties for any tightening of the lead.

A command can only be given to the dog once, if a hand signal and command are given at the same time this is acceptable.

You can praise your dog during the course and encourage them.

Each course has a time of 4 minutes for dog and handler to complete the course. At the start of the course the dog and handler have 200 points and marks are deducted from them for mistakes such as incorrect completion of a sign, harsh handling, tight lead, lack of attention.

At the end of the course there is an optional bonus sign worth 10 points. This is not included in the course time and marks are not deducted for incorrect completion of the sign.