Canine Massage Therapy

Does your dog no longer jump for joy? Have you noticed your dog slowing down? Is he more reluctant to go for long walks? Does he have difficulty getting down from the sofa or going up stairs?

Then your dog might benefit from massage therapy.

A tailored Canine Massage Therapy session costs only £25 for one hour in your own home.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a holistic drug free way to help your dog.  It has many health benefits.

  • It can help to repair muscle and soft tissue injuries.
  • It can help to manage conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia.
  • Massage can help with pain management.
  • It can help to relax and calm a dog which can lead to a quieter better behaved dog.
  • It can help a nervous or aggressive dog, this can be particularly useful for some rescue dogs.
  • It can help to improve sports performance.
  • It can improve a dogs flexibility and mobility.

What is Involved in a Massage Treatment?

The dog will normally be treated in their own home as this is where the dog will feel most comfortable and relaxed.

At the first session a short time will be spent taking the dogs medical history and generally assessing the dog and their day to day lifestyle.

Following this I will examine the dog for any areas of tightness, heat or areas of sensitivity which could indicate possible problems.

The treatment itself will be specific to the dog and their requirements.  This will last from 45mins to an hour.

The dog should not have a heavy meal for an hour or so before treatment.

All treatments need a signed referral from the dogs vet.

After the treatment

For 24 hours or so after the treatment the dog should be kept relatively quiet, with light meals and plenty of water to drink.

Allow the dog light exercise for a few hours after treatment to give the muscles time to adjust.

It is quite normal for your dog to appear tired and lethargic for a day or so after treatment.

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